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kandie – for everybody (remix) lyrics


[verse 1]
can i speak to marquis
(that’s me)
hi, my name is evelynn
and i’m coming to you, woman to man cus it’s a few things i don’t understand
(like what?)
like why the f+ck, you steady blowing my n+gga up? and sending him pictures of yo b+tt when my n+gga ain’t g+y he straight as f+ck
um. & why the f+ck is you laughing?
ain’t sh+t funny
this ain’t a game hunny
and don’t you start playing dumb, before i come through and k!ll all 9 lives to the cat that got cho tongue

these n+ggas for everybody (x2)
aaaw these n+ggas for everybody
these n+ggas for everybody (x2)

[verse 2]
girl i hate this gone be the way you find out
but cho n+gga got a jack’d account
came through bout a week ago and blew my m+th+fkn spine out
(boy stop lyin)
oh ima liar ? b+tch you got cho nerve, ain’t cho n+gga d+ck like 10 inches, uncut with a f+cking curve?
now do that sound familia? and if i told you everything we did, it’ll k!ll ya
so how the f+ck you gone check me
over a n+gga that sweat me, b+tch you really can’t. you think yo n+gga straight but b+tch he really ain’t
these n+ggas for everybody (x2) (i know ma n+gga straight)
aaaw these n+ggas for everybody
these n+ggas for everybody (x2)

[verse 3]
hold up hold up (x2)
there must be a misunderstandin’
cus boy you “wild n’ out”, you sound just like nick cannon
you can’t be talkin bout my n+gga, we can’t be on the same page
(girl ain’t cho n+gga like 6’3, brown eyes and his name dwayne?)
….oh my god
ima k!ll this n+gga, and that’s on my moms
but before i k!ll him. ima k!ll you first
and at the funeral ima make sure y’all ride off in a bunk bed he+rs+
cus since y’all wanna creep and lay together
next time y’all lay, y’all can lay forever
i mean this really ain’t cho fault
but yo attitude don’t make it better
true+fully you should be ashamed
givin g+ys a bad name, sound like you happy you slept wit a married man but wtf did you really gain?
(sum good zick)
you f+ckin’ f+g, i know why you mad
you wish you was a female so f+cking bad
but no matter how hard you switch
or how sassy you talk yo sh+t
you’ll never have a pair of juicy tits or a p+ssy that get wet as this
(girl no i don’t, cus that ain’t what cho n+gga want. and if it was he wouldn’ta been drilling down this booty hole)
that was yo last time, to say something out of line
especially with my heart and love is on the line
so since you wana act like a b+tch, ima treat you like one
pull up where ever the f+ck you at wit my hair tied in a bun (oh okay)
and make you regret everything you said (oh okay for real)
make you regret laying wit my n+gga in bed
[verse 4]
you keep talking all this love sh+t, but i don’t give not one f+ck
keep saying you gone run up but i wish you would like a nunkuck
i’ll never hit a woman, but i’ll d+mn sure b+tch slap a b+tch
so if you pull up to my residence, just know sh+t gone get crackin quick
my front door gone be wide open
you ain’t gone have to commit a burglary
but you gone leave with a blacked eye, no or no fergie
hoe don’t play dumb, you know d+mn well you heard me
it’s 9 now so umm… can you be here by 9:30?
(look marquis)
shut the f+ck up. don’t start wit all that look sh+t. you only tryna talk calm now cus i done read you like a book b+tch
but it’s on you, and if you still have an attitude
just pull up. to 439 s. clarkson avenue, b+tch


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