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​kanjinolicense – ​weird ahh kid 2 lyrics


(oh my god, that made my toes dwindle)

toes n+gga? the f+ck?
get in the gym, n+gga fat as f+ck
gettin no p+ssy man that sh+t tuff
you raped yo girl n+gga what the f+ck?
ayy, heres a few hundred go get a new cut
fat ass n+gga get rolled like a blunt
fat ass n+gga can’t fit in the door, he finna get stuck

(your girl ugly)
n+gga you are too
i get my pape
would hate to be you
you ain’t never seen money, that sh+t so true
you a fat ass n+gga
why you talkin’ so rude?
not addicted to drugs
you addicted too food
you a fat ass n+gga
with a big attitude
you a big ass n+gga
with a big attitude
you called yourself a fat ass coon
with that g+y ass cut
n+gga in love with dudes
(f+ggot ass n+gga)
why you speakin’ on me?
n+gga focus on school
you a lyin’ ass n+gga, you know that sh+t true
you admitted that sh+t
now you lyin on gru
oh sh+t wait
i meant yo’ dad, n+gga ugly as sh+t
i met yo’ mom she was givin it quick
her breath stank
had to give her a mint

(alright im done)

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