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kanye west – kanye west v fest freestyle lyrics


they used to chill down (?) park
used to chill down springfiled
that’s how you know it’s real
from right here in maryland
yeah i’ve been doing my thing
all on the tv
i remember years ago
n-body would believe me
i lost my mama
i been through so much drama
i’ve been through so much drama
i’m voting for obama
i know that everybody feel this
i know that everybody feel this
even the media try to k!ll this
they don’t n-body that’s really real
that’s gonna give them (?)
tell them how you really feel
then say something back
that come straight from the heart
and don’t give a f-ck if it ever really top
i’m the real hip hop
i’m the realest alive
i’m the realest motherf-cker that you see that you (?)
cause y’all all stars everybody superstars
throw your hands in the air wave them like you don’t care
now say “h-ll yeah”