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kari jobe – steady my heart lyrics


steady my heart

wish it could be easy
why is life so messy
why is pain a part of us
there are days i feel like
nothing ever goes right
sometimes it just hurts so much

but you’re here
you’re real
i know i can trust you

even when it hurts
even when it’s hard
even when it all just falls apart
i will run to you
cause i know that you are
lover of my soul
healer of my scars
you steady my heart [x2]

i’m not gonna worry
i know that you got me
right inside the palm of your hand
each and every moment
what’s good and what gets broken
happens just the way that you plan

and i will run to you
you’re my refuge in your arms
and i will sing to you
cause of everything you are

you steady my heart [x2]

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