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kasani – ​kite lyrics


[intro: kasani]
(ha, ha, ha)
(yeah, yeah)
(ha, ha, go)
(woah, uh, yeah)
(ha, ha, go)
(ha, ha, go)
(uh, yeah)

[verse 1: kasani]
i hop in that bag, and i did it alright (i did it alright)
walk in that b+tch, and i’m high as a kite (walk in this hoe, and i’m as a kite)
walk in that b+tch, and i’m getting so fly yea (walk in this b+tch, and i’m getting so fly)
she like the idea that i always get high (always get high)
yeah, i’m always zooted (yeah)
f+cking that b+tch, then i’m booted up (i’m booted, i’m booted)
i got some diamonds on me (oh, yeah)
i’ma go+hop in that big truck (i’m go+hop in that big truck)
i’ma go get me that money and i’m finna swerve inside that bentley truck (oh, yeah)
i’ve been getting to money, so yeah, you broke n+ggas, not as rich as us
i’m up with mani (i’m up with mani)
we in la for the summеr, ha (we in la for the summer)
you got no racks you a bummеr, ha (ahh)
i’m f+ckin’ that b+tch then her mother, yeah (yeah)
i get that bag real easy
i feel like eazy+e (r.i.p eazy+e)
and that n+gga got to be out his mind if he think he richer than me (ahh, ahh)
uh+huh, you gotta listen
i put the wock’ in the jar ain’t no tris’ in
i got a cross necklace like i’m christian (i got a necklace like i’m christian)
we finna k!ll him like we on a mission
i got a b+tch wit a fat ass (fat ass)
broke n+gga he stay at the motel (motel)
yeah, he snitch he gon’ tell (gon’ tell)
yeah, i ride with my dawgs
i’m f+cking a hoe from milan
and she like to go play this song
i’m finna go blow like a bomb
yeah, i’m smoking that dope like a bong
(ahh, ahh)
[verse 2: manimolly]
yeah, yeah, i took that hoe to milan
yeah, yeah, me and gang send that boy to the sun
yea, i’m with kazi on a boat
got two b+tches they giving us throat
yeah, i’m thrashing yo hoe don’t n0body know
yeah, how did he die?
don’t n0body know
if i see him catch a body right now
yeah, i got yo hoe up in the trap now
yeah, i bl!ck yo bih up on a trap phone (trap phone)
yeah, i’m getting stacks up on my iphone
yea i took that lil’ bih to the eiffel tower (eiffel tower)
and you know that my opps is cowards
they some purports, they some nerds
and yo b+tch taking care like a nurse
and yo b+tch give me brain like a nurse

[verse 3: grayuzis]
if he talk down, get a he+rs+
my b+tch got rocks in her purse
and she texts down, “i’m the worse”
my team on go, woah
spanish b+tch she loco
got the fans asking me for photos
get the racks b+tch you know we blow those
get the racks b+tch you know we upping the sticks yea
that’s your b+tch but she all on my d+ck, woah
she come over we count up the bankroll
n+gga mad, but i’m getting bank though
smoke the pack, b+tch i’m getting baked up
i got archive she rocking the makeup
(i got archive i’m rocking the ricks, woah)
take a photo, she taking the fl!cks though
don’t run up on me b+tch i’m bl!cked up
you get money i know its a trick though
woah, woah, woah
and the pack send me to the sky
high, b+tch you know i’m fly
don’t run up, b+tch do not try
and i k!ll a n+gga outta’ spite
pull out my glock he gon’ fly up



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