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katie kuffel – as the crow flies lyrics


and i hear
you’re supposed to clear
muddy water by leaving it alone
but i’m the carrying kind all my mind
i always seem to pick things to the bone

and i’ve thinking bout the rows
of trees and creosote
what a burden new world fruit has to bare

anchor me in moving through
the silt i buff my roots in
and test all the truth that i hold there


my signals run weak
i’m arid in the knees
i’m missin’ folks i never really had
i wanna trust the sign that says
there’s rest just down the line
but hollow homes and beds could drive me mad
it’s the closest thing to rapture that i’ve had

these neurons in the soil
will choke you in and coil
around your eyes to make
a new home in your brain

well you think you’ve see this all before
it winds you cold right through the core
that you’re a buzzard by any other name
and i feel small ’cause nothing’s really changed


now i’m afraid that if we touch
we’ll collide, be swallowed up
some particles suspended in the air

i’ll say again this land’s a mouth
it smokes us in and breathes us out
scrim[?] skinned and mouthing shallow prayers
i’ve come to ride and sold my only spare
i thought i’d learned to breathe the sacred air
it seems to me i’ve sinned just for being there