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katie kuffel – ba da dum lyrics


in the outlook
of what i took
i tried to see
what was hiding away
from me

and in the outskirts of
where i looked first
i thought i’d find
a semblance of justification in my mind
but too kind was i

now i have tried
and i have cried
and i have lied about lying

and too many times
have i crossed the line
i signal
no more
ba da dum x 3

pebbles through my window and
two birds with one stone
better watch where i put my foot down
all the gl-ss is still littering the ground
around me

and in my garden of
pleases and pardons
i didn’t weed out
all these thoughts that have plagued me with doubt
for so long

now i have done
some bad things before
from sad
to glad
and so much more

and it all adds up
until i can’t cup it in my hands
no more
no more
ba da dum x 3

ba da dum x 7