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katie kuffel – misplaced pride lyrics


i’ve sat on my thumbs for years
ruled the roost of toilin’ away
my troubles and fears

so willing to abide
i was the image of ambition
for my mother’s misplaced pride

but i’m merely a girl
who wrestled and raged and aged
too fast for this world

more naive than i’d like
and more dangerous than i desire
at all

and though my hands are small
i have beaten a few but in
no way have i won ’em all

i still dream
thinking it’d be nice
to unravel these strings that hold me upright

for wind pulls
every which way
by expectations i didn’t make

how can i keep to that path
so narrow
and strange?

so what difference does it make
if i sleep with eyes open, eternally hopin’
’til i’m convinced i’m awake?

i know my voice
is still just one inch tall
but if i stand on my toes will i reach anyone
at all?