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katie thompson – five and a half minutes lyrics


every five and half minutes the universe expands four miles
and every time i blink another child enters the world
the world has six and a half billion people this year
and there are eight million people in this city on this island
but right here and now somehow you’re sitting here

i may not ever catch my breath
no matter how i try
and i may never understand how
every single day we breath twenty three thousand times
because watching your chest rise and fall
the numbers don’t add up
when all we are is
a hundred trillion cells
two hundred and sixty bones
five quarts of blood
forty five miles of nerves nerves nerves
and a hundred thousand hairs
and too many organs
and sixty thousand miles of arteries
we must have been made by a man
cuz a woman would have made us more economically

i don’t know what that means
all i know is that i’ve seen this scene some years ago
and i would swear i’m watching from the stands
and i would swear i know the second before you reach for her hand
feels like it’s some old movie
but the scripts no good
and the girl’s no beauty
there’s the evidence, more facts
but there won’t ever be a silence of
the way you find or keep or measure
how do you find or keep or measure