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kay malik – hannibal lyrics



[verse 1]
back at it like a crack addict, uh
the rap bandit with a mad habbit
had to show the world that i could be the one to take a grab at it
stab at it, used to be the one they used to laugh at me

yeah, but now the jokes on you
funny how it turns around to be your own cartoon
see it ain’t no news, i’m the new fuse dude
the [?] ever doubted all my new sh-t too

grew up in the [?]
i had to be the one to show ’em i could make it in the business
all they do is hate, i see the fakes who seem to snake
and try to break me by my knees but n-gg- all i got is wisdom

uh, they tryna f-ck with the n-gg-
but the n-gg- don’t cut with a quitter
i cuff nothing [?] that be tryna act tough like a hitta
you’s a [?] little n-gg-

yeah, and that’s word
look at yourself, you acting like you [?]
rat on my name but now they doubting your verse
you thinking that it was raw but boy you need to rehe-rs-

it ain’t nothing new, i’m in this game aiming at you
i’m a cannibal animal, can’t be tamed to the zoo
call me hannibal ’cause b-tches ship me graphical cartoons
i’m eating off the enemies you silly -ss buffoons

[interlude 1]
“who’s profile is he working on?”
“i’m sorry will, i’m serving as what we do. i can’t shut mine off anymore than you can shut yours off”
“please don’t psycho-n-lyze me. you won’t like me when i’m psycho-n-lyzed”
“now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go give a lecture on psycho-n-lyzing”
“maybe we shouldn’t poke him like that doctor. perhaps a less direct approach”

[verse 2}
i can’t be psycho-n-lyzed
better keep on tryna fantasize
i maximize the heat to feed my appet-te

and now i’m not acting right
these cold bars got me up at night
b-tch i’m up at the rhythm, i’m [?]
[?] on these n-gg-s

and now i’m at the top of the scene
you fake f-cks at the bottom of me
coming from the burbs, they some n-gg-s like some [?] underneath
you f-ckboys stop bothering me, stop following me

you ain’t getting sh-t out of this
so kiss bye, i’m as sweet as some red licorice
i stay true to the game ’cause i’m the newest in names
don’t blame me for your foolish acts, stay in your lane

[interlude 2]
a squad

[verse 3]
always kept one hundred
fake -ss n-gg-s always doubting on the numbers
the reason why they never seem to make it, it’s abundant
and you always wonder why you never on a single come up, b-tch

had to bring in the bread
to show ’em i’m the one that’s really ahead
i’m the one with the drive, you the only one dry
that’s why they picking me to be the clutch one in the end

speaking of ends, i’m thinking you the weak [?]
don’t be blinking ’cause seeping in these deep events
i’ma creep up like a reaper just be way of my step
before i meet you and i [?]

b-tch i am the man did you not know that?
see, you just a gimmick let me finish with a throwback
got you in the fetal, take a picture with a kodak
mercy to n-gg-s, my n-gg- i will never hold back