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kaysinners – i know now lyrics


i know, i …
i’ve been meaning to call but.
there’s just something i gotta, i gotta tell you that.
i can’t.
sigh i don’t know.
i mean i just.
i don’t know how to say this…
but i’ve met someone else and…
i love him.
all the feelings and emotions you just broke.
f-ck you and your selfish desires, that bring adrenaline that you provoke.
now i’m choked.
catch me hanging around the block tryna blow some smoke.
keep looking at f-cking messages that you wrote.
but it doesn’t keep me at ease, i feel fatigued.
like i’m drowning in water with deadly leaves.
can you free me?.
no, you can’t .
no you can’t
i’m sick and tired of all the hoes, i’m sick and tired of all the foes, tired of different things.
really think you should know.
you should know
you just needed s-x tonight, you just needed bread tonight, you just needed the attention, i took you to my dimension.
now you ruined my perception.
my motives behind my feelings.
just turned into a villain.
a chick may have the nice right guy but still go for a million.
i’m staring at the ceiling, my face is chilling, my eyes are peeling, my own feelings feel my feelings!
i know.
i know now