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kaysinners – loner lyrics


[verse 1: kaysinners]

yeah, you gotta give credit where its due. because you ain’t gonna like the karma when it’s set up on you. i been counting down on these decimals then women want to be on a pedestal all because of fame and some better flows. and i’m like i don’t wanna be in the nonsense. i want to write rhymes that will be up in the conscience, to get good rest and maybe live up on the mountains. big house couple rooms, like the size of a garden. with neon lights shining from the fountain. i’m alone don’t you see? cause i’ve been all alone in my room since when i was three. mostly saw my moms when i had to eat. and father never came , i suck at hide and seek. and sister didn’t make it, type of sh-t i had to see. brother got lazy, that’s reality. then moms got crazy then she had to leave..uh
[verse 2: kaysinners]

had to get stronger by the minute. probably explains why you always catch me sinning. probably explains why you see me always grinning with thoughts scrambled like eggs, ugh my mind is slowly spinning. let me be a loner while watching p-rn with a b-n-r , with 0 grams of marijuana. now i’m not a stoner. the effect reminds me of my ex. so now i dissect my checks to my bank have s-x or break necks if i get a threat from a p-ssy that holds a tech. alone is how i f-cking move. wrong move then ill bring the crew. wrong word then i’ll pull a move. when you alone man you cannot lose

[verse 3: lu hound]

born a one and only child, sh-t is wild. feeling lonely while i’m in a crowd, you feel me now? it’s hard for ya’ll to even feel my style, to break it down. feel better when no one’s​ around, should i be proud?to live so different, i don’t close the distance, i’m drifting. most of us don’t listen, p-ssing, the wisdom, go far like the 89 pistons, winning, each season. let go, it’s special, to get to know the peaceful people to keep the hope that we hold so close. yo a keynote to happiness, cracking this smile, while i’m trapped in this lifestyle, it’s wild. i pray my girl forgives me. yeah. and my friends will hit me up to chill. but if it doesn’t happen tonight. then i guess i’m just a loner still