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kb – ez lyrics



okay, okay, okay, oh, okay
you ready?
yeah, easy, moreno papi loco back to work
come and see me
got a taste of fame but the flavor didn’t intrigue me
i am never gassed up, my drive been an ev
compliments are hallow we ain’t tricked when they treat me
dripping living fiji, peeking at the cheat sheet
how you wanna beat me?
i am not competing, love it when they throw the salt
i add it to my seasoning
i don’t argue credit homie you can have it freely
my father sees me and my glory coming
i don’t need a nominee seat
anointed me with oil, yeah, yeah, i’m talking greasy
black af1 energy they tryna crease me
boy this way too easy
y’all don’t know the kb who i was i couldn’t stand me
my ex man was a wolverine