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kelekam – slow down lyrics


verse one-kelekam
for all that has been told, forever my soul has been sold, gone onto the road of no return with as much as it hurts. i only eat with people who were there for me first. books of my life and they’re there to be burned, with these lessons and confessions to be learned it’s time to go to my roots, where the best of me works instead of letting me turn, into a cliché in a cliché but it just seems like these days i look in the mirror and i ain’t even look the same
verse two-kelekam
gone with who i am or at least who i was just because i’m stuck in this rut and i know i got a lot of sh-t bottled up. but this is not enough for me to not get tough get rough and ridged and burn bridges with these b-ms and b-tches, some only be caught up in this bullsh-t some be serving a sentence. i be trying to make sh-t that’s worth the listen for your vision with your persistence for an instance that can just take this message and lift it