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kemuel shem – today’s society lyrics


[intro]aye people listen up

[verse 1: kemuel] uh uh we live in a society
where we’re clueless to our priority
blind to see the 1 percent
has the rest of us up for rent
using us for experimentation
which will end up in annihilation

[verse 2:kemuel]unlike others i don’t need profanity
to persuade you to see what i can see
got these officials raping our cerebrals
they ain’t powerful without the majority
but we choose to be the minority
locking someone up for personal gain
refrained from being humane. then again it’s all about the money right

[verse 3:kemuel]people out here dying crying trying to escape this reality
instead fight back don’t take the spoon fed education corruption nor the deception
we are all victims
but i refuse to remain getting screwed up the r-ct-m
just down town this n-gga haas
is a major cause allowing my granny to be abused by these feces named gg
that makes me p-ssed
ha like they say every dog got there day

[verse 4:kemuel] i refuse to be a statistic
that would make me sick
i’m telling y’all that’s the trick
in our generation we struggle to mate
with all the hate
we don’t even have honesty or loyalty and that decides our fate

[verse 5: kemuel] one day i thought i had love
her name was aleah who ended up an impostor
because of her mother
her mother example of sadness
eaten away by our hardness of society
its okay though as long as i make my mamma proud i’m coo
i promised her not to be swallowed in the hardships and we will get our redemption too