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kenny chesney – to get to you (55th and 3rd) lyrics


to get to you (55th and 3rd)

new york city, 55th and 3rd
i reached out my hand, and there you were
led me where i thought i wouldn’t go
it’s more than just my hand now that, you hold.

there’ve been lessons learned, pages turned
even a few bridges burned
love’s become a frightening thing to do
i’ve been out, and i’ve been in
i’ve been scared to try again
you’re worth every hurt my heart’s been through
i’d go through it all again, if i had to
to get to you (55th and 3rd)

i still see us dancin’ in my mind
my arms stay around you all the time
even when we’re miles and miles apart
i reach out my hand and there you are

[repeat chorus]

at the corner booth, i hung on every word
you’re back beneath my hands, as close as we could be
you pull me close, and dance the heart right out of me

[repeat chorus]

oh, i hung on every word
55th and 3rd
55th and 3rd

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