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ke’ondris – (kanye west) mercy [freestyle] lyrics


[verse 1: ke’ondris]
you came to late im ending tha world and ending your fate
remove tha tools that fools use to cool their heads that cannot relate
infinity is inside him taking ova tha voilence when it tranlates
so move when ever they come they getting hot feever when they falling from grace
i put some kazakami on top ya girl
flew kazakami and put suicides inside ya house
i put kazakain on top tha world
n ima put a single of kazakamis deep insipe her mouth
mercy ah lago
showtime at tha apollo
whop whop them tom toms
i get tha most
and i get ghost
im dignoised with adhd
n she ova me
my chick make your b-tch look just like nikki parker
feed off adrillinin
im drillin
n feeling in
her blanks
i am tha villen man
i steal your golder ticket dj
did you know she
didn’t even know that ima free willie
and willie wonka telling her
2 back it up like a tonka trucker
dump it just like a tonka truck
for a hunned bucks
when i bust
cash cash cashe is in la
by tha bay ok k
action replay play
my sandslash slash
im faster than kanye
flashing lights
when i cross tha border essay