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kerry louise taylor – be with you lyrics


free all of the pain and make me learn to love again
released all of the love inside
welcome your charms in to my life
tonight we taking it high
i came real far i felt my light
shine over night
entered the light
i felt you by my side you led my way tonight

released me and made me love again
cos i love myself to the best i can you are part of my plan
released me took me to another land
where i can heal you understand
together we can

all alone not a sound
social network seems to silence
i know they feel it all around
turn back or get in line cos
they can’t get you out of their minds
i felt the weight on my shoulder
so you took my hand tonight
you took away the pain inside

you never liked me so now it seems that i’m free
why go love when he don’t love me
a wasted time
i cleared my mind
look away all the hurt
i pasted mine
it’s my story line
took away all the pain relieve me from them
silly games to ease myself
don’t forget how i loved ya deep within you was my soul
that’s why i grin but now i flipped that page
it’s for the rage for my stage
i explain its my frame
you went away

be with you
through my darkest night
no more sitting alone
be with you
till we see the light

be with you
yeah let’s take it far
for my note go lar it’s how we do
we got it right
be with you tonight
all the time et

they ain’t seen nothing yet