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kesh mula – big cash lyrics


(kesh mula)
man i’m talking big cash
all up in my pocket i do my money dance
ouuu man why they trying to act like they the next man, no minute man, got this cash up in my pocket i blow it fast, you talking man
then i call my brothers that’s young chico and young mino man. i’m getting so high up in the clouds off this mega man i ain’t coming down i’m dropping bombs like afghanistan. this ain’t no six+figure talk i am the label b+tch i got my brothers on the vision now we executing it
executing, yeah we executing it we executing it

(young mino)
sbe 2019 we the league of stars
yea it took a couple tries but now we really took it far
wanna bе up on the team then boy you bеtter play your part
and i do this for the checks but really it’s about the art
if i want it then i got it
b+tch i come up from the bottom
now i’m with my f+ckin team it’s sbe we doing awesome
i’m just headed to the money n+gga i don’t wanna problem
so what you mean? n+gga we just go colossal
all up in the f+ckin 813 you know that’s tampa bay
yea you n+ggas wanna come here but can’t come up where i stay
all up in the f+ckin club and we do is make a rain
and you know i smoke that gas but i ain’t talking bout propane

(kesh mula)
and all of my life i’ve been wanting this sh+t so i’m fighting for this
focused on getting this cash and multiplying it quick
i got my team all equipped 0% chance they’ll miss
i made my momma a promise that we would get rich if this sh+t
so look what i did i started a business based off of my vision and passion to live
i’m the engine, i’m painted the picture so vivid lil timmy you won’t comprehend
you cannot not compare
i’m light years ahead of competition but i wish them all well
the package all here
the gucci the louie the fendi versace i’m dropping all year
(young mino)
drippin all year, with the finest gear
shawty looking for bosses and she know she’ll find em here
it don’t matter what the cost is n+gga we gon persevere
diamonds hanging shining on these n+ggas like a chandelier
put the key in the ignition
started working on the vision
always kept it strictly business
get my check and then i’m dipping
then go cop a new addition
only one in my division
but i cannot stop the grind until i go complete my mission