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kevin morby – oh my god lyrics


pretend that you played for keeps
now i live on a boat that sits on a moat
on top of p-ss river, outside your castle
and wind death comes around [?] what an -sshole
he stirs quite the fuss and he cause quite the h-ssle
oh we all buy black suits as our lives go on mute
and meet under the belfry to cry and say sorry

and oh my god
mama, i’m scared
i know you are, baby
i am scared too

do you want to play chess inside my chest?
you choose, i choose
you move, i move
and hoot, hoot, hoot
i beg like an owl
as i sit on my perch
and i stare and i scowl
i know i left you
but i cannot forget you
now i only know how to harm or upset you
see i came for your love but i stayed for your anger
and you rocked me, mama, like a babe in the manger

and oh my god
mama, i’m angry
i know you are, baby
she’s angry too

and oh my god
mama, [?]
oh, carrie
she’s angry at you

i tried to pray but i didn’t know what to say
so i just mumbled some names
i said, “i hope they’re okay [?]”
they were the names of my family in prudence
oh, the planet’s so lonely
and the planet’s so cold
and if i’m so lucky i’ll die when i’m old
i pray no disaster, no fight, no rain
and i pray that no devil gets inside my brain
as the world does its twirl between the moon and the sun
casting like shadows beyond everyone
and the hours devour us
as i sit on my window, as i write this verse
in men it goes fast, in men [?]
but i write it just the same or just as it were
that feeling in my stomach when the light was low
i get warm in my chest when my heart would slow
i get dizzy in my head when that music played
get dizzy in my soul from the glad song they sang
what a dream to have ever felt the air so warm
what a dream to have even ever been born

and oh my god
i love you

and oh my god
oh, baby
i love you too

and i know that you know that i do

i saw you coming
so i got to running
the next time i’ll stay put
mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm