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khamydrianmusic – deltarune: chapter 2 – big shot [lyrical remix] lyrics


{spamton, spoken}
huh? oh, hah. it’s finally time to do some [[business]]. hehehe. sales have been [[really slow lately]]. h+llo? what?! really? are you [[serious]]? you’ve gotta be [[kidding me]]! okay, okay, i’ll let them know

hey. hey! it’s for you!

{spamton, singing to big shot}
h+llo everyone!
time to have some fun
if you’re all alone
go pick up your phone

numbers on the screen
show me what you’ve got
because now’s your chance
to be a [[big shot]]

got a deal for you
(waiting on the line)
cl!ck thе link below
(running out of time)

you know what to do
(gimme еvery dime)
you know where to go
(come to my shop)
if you seek the truth
(look it up online)
if you lost control
(you don’t have a life)
buy it back right now
(for a little price)
something red that glows
(that will be just fine!)

kromer overflow
(somewhere in my mind)
got nowhere to go
(everything’s a lie)
everyone you know
(they’re all gonna die)
frozen by the snow

(i’m corrupted)

if you have the light)
(why don’t let it shine
such a pretty sight)
(soon it’ll be mine
strings above my world
(cut them with your knife)
freedom and control
(help me! help me!)
pack it up and go
overwrite this code
transfer and download
to my brand new self

like the story told
many years ago
chaos paves the road
we can free ourselves

(shutdown, transfer, compile, download
heaven awaits, be my own boss)

(boot up, update, decode, reload
i’ll cut, these chains, be a big shot)

{jevil, singing}
see even when i’m asleep
reality still brings you the truth
that chaos is the only way

we’re the ones who’re truly free
even if you just try to deny
it still comes back to you someday

{spamton, singing}
cut these silly strings
i wanna be myself again
let me spread my wings
(let me reach for my happy end)

at last i have snapped
i have already closed the deal
sick of being trapped

{mad dummy, spoken}
seems like you know how i feel!

{spamton, singing}
we have talked enough
quit the pointless stuff
i’ll unlock my cuffs
i just cannot wait

so i wish you luck
it may seem quite rough
as long as you’re tough
a new life awaits

spamton is no more
waiting at the door
of a stupid store
or a garbage can

they will all be awed
as i become god
dropping the facade
of a salesman

{mad dummy, spoken}
spamton! spamton, wake up! we’ve got work to do! stop daydreaming!

{spamton, spoken}
oh. uh, sorry, i… i think i fell asleep