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khayri bedwars – bedwars anthem lyrics



(gun reload)
(gun shot)

playing bedwars with my squad we’re all sweaty
the fun never ends, and our enemies aren’t ready
the crossbow’s my favourite weapon aim so steady
hacking in this great game is just petty
kaliyah was op, now it’s just mid
jack deserves to stay in the bin
using smoke to stay off the grid
k!lled the last guy man all i do is win

this the bedwars anthem listen to this while you play
loading up skywars k!lling pros everyday
bring my foes to their knees, imma go make em’ pray
pull my carrot launcher out, let it blow, lеt it spray
14k subs we’re rising to the top
strеaming frequently the grind does not stop
gonna use this fireball to put this yuzi in the void
execute with hannah don’t test me little boy

loading up 30s, i’m with an army
when you play 30s it feels like a party
make a trap with trapper, i’m a smartie
got a forcefield potion, no ones gonna harm me
i’m just like xu’rot, i spit flames on this track
shoot a gompy ghost at you it’ll give some knockback
i got slowed by freiya, thats just super wack
pull the paint blaster out, shoot you right in your back

tnt in my hotbar i’ll blast your bed away
when i use sheila, you won’t see another day
get my boba blaster out all you will see is gray
bedwars is gonna thrive, it’s always gonna stay
throw a gloop at you you’re already dead
1v4’d a whole squad all i could see was red
i just got my rageblade, the enemies feel dread
got the emeralds at mid, countin’ all of my bread

apple in my left hand speed pie in my right
if you take my diamonds it’s gonna be on sight
8 rush the enemies, we’re always ready for a fight
#1 in beta season we’re more than just alright
sending my ravens, your balloons are going bye bye
deploying my hang glider we’re up so high
yuzi’s not the best kit, i don’t care go and cry
yeah i got the lani kit so you know we’re gonna fly

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