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khrys. – possessed lyrics


[verse 1]
one of the major goals in life, for all i know, is to find your happiness
and i’ve had good times in my life, but underneath that was an abundance of cr-ppy shit
so i’ve been living day by day in hopes that i’d pick up pace
and you’d think that after 19 long years, you’d think this guy would find a trace
ahh, but khrys have some faith – you’ve been way too busy to find it
getting yourself into that music school really paid off with your grindin’
you’re still seeing things through, don’t worry – when you worry you get to whinin’
your happiness will come when you have the time for relaxation and unwindin’
but people my age look like they found it, so why am i not the same?
but then again, i was always different – in that sense, i never changed
maybe i’m different in this case too; but when it came to others, they knew
absolutely nothing about what’d happen to them – expectations never came true
so who’s to say i’ll find what i’m lookin’ for – i might never find it
this can’t be normal, can it? (snap) oh hold up, rewind it
maybe i’ve always had it ; maybe compared to others it’s abnorm-
i heard sometimes petty things like this can be supplied in rare form…

[dialogue 1]
but if my happiness is in an abnormal and rare form, what exactly could it be? happiness is normally thought of as a life of freedom from suffering. there’s joy, prosperity, and pleasure. so if that’s the normal form, and if my form is unusual, then mine must be the opposite of that, if anything. wait a second. then that means… aaaaaaaaghhhh!

[verse 2]
ring ding ding ding ding! somebody get me a jolly rancher!
seems like the perfect reward for coming to this conclusion in that banter
it’ll be the only type of sweet i’ll get for years, days, hours
and on the other side it drives me crazy because it’s f-ckin’ sour
i’ve been surrounded by normality for years, but i only got one taste
and when i tried to get my own, everybody else acted so base
no more complaints, no more blindness and confusion
the philosophy i was raised on is all just one big illusion… no!
calling dr. denial! if that is the case, it would came earlier
i wouldn’t have lived my life in waiting, i’d always be acting surlier
but that’s so unlike me, i’m the most innocent guy i’ve met
now think – how many people took advantage of you because of your mindset?
stop it! for my whole life, the major thing that i’ve always learned
that if you’re helpful and good towards others, you’ll get something in return
so what did you get? still waiting for it. for 19 years? you strange, poor kid
they already have theirs and so should you, need i say anymore? shit!

[dialogue 2]
that lesson you learned is nothing but bullshit! you gave an effort, you gave your all and you received nothing! no matter how hard you tried, you got nowhere
not true! i made friends
your definition of a friend is real screwed up, buddy. you’ve done favors, correct?
and a part of the concept of your philosophy is karma, correct?
i guess if you put it that way
and what came back your way? nothing! you’re talking to the dark side of yourself, for christ’s sake. why don’t you just take your fate and accept it already?!

[verse 3]
you have what you needed and everything you ever wanted when you went to the dark side
when you woke up, all you ever went through was a lightened version of apartheid
now you’re scarred, why? you don’t coexist with all guys
you’re better off by yourself anyway, don’t run from fate – that’s pharcyde
it’s your life; you gotta take something! benefits aren’t something i’d take from you
in this piss-poor life, you ain’t nothin’! d-mn, this can’t be true
earth to… wait. what? ran out of arguments to bring about?
don’t forget any belongings – i’m so glad you figured this out

[dialogue 3]
19 years. 19 years. 19 f-ckin’ years. you fought your true fate for 19 years. did your humanities teacher teach you anything? why blind yourself from the reality of the matter? now come here…