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kid ferris x llegos – strength lyrics


strength (prod. jack)
kid ferris x llegos
strength – single
(co-prod. llegos)

intro (sample from rocky)
you ain’t gonna believe this but you used to fit right here
i’d hold you up to say to your mother “this kid’s gonna be the best kid in the world. this kid’s gonna be somebody better than anybody i ever knew.”
and you grew up good and wonderful
it was great just watching, everyday was like a privilege
then the time come for you to be your own man and take on the world, and you did. but somewhere along the line, you changed
you stopped being you
you let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good
but it ain’t about how hard you hit. it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. how much you can take and keep moving forward
that’s how winning is done!

i’ma be the best person i can be
and lately it feels like there’s no time for sleep
i just want my sh-t to be played on repeat
locked in my lab, perfecting this for weeks

yeah i act like a psycho
i don’t let my eyes close for 72 hours just to get the type ‘o beat that i find dope
free load of psilocybin, inside my mind grow
beat that my heart flow
i grew up on dark roads, rough diamond and part gold
i lie in high sorrow on hawth-rne at lardo
i watch people p-ss by as i ingest carb dough
i wake up from nightmares as i walk around mine
always up and moving i have no down time
feel like i’m dull, yet yesterday i outshine
full of rhyme
skull on my money, money, money. i’m about mine
this that new life, ay
follow the lead copy my steps the shoe bites
after all of this work, i do not get surprised
that all of my worth i will seek out and soon find
you ride monsoon tides
in due time you find
i last, tattoo black
my eyelash is true fact
i’m a happy person that’s the saddest lie
what the f-ck haven’t i given up just to satisfy?
all of this hunger that is inside of me
chilling with this wonder that’s my wife to be
bummer, that i feel i need privacy

can’t even eat
want this so bad man it fills up my dreams
writing everywhere, take time when i think
people of all walks relate to the ink
no time to waste bro, i really can’t blink

let’s push it, let’s push it, let’s push it, let’s push it, let’s push it
more function, less bool sh-t
i’m stuck as the fool’s pick
last kid on the team
i ain’t up to swing, i’m not on plate
i ain’t up to par
one day i’ll sink, die and deflate
who the f-ck i make this for?
i’m sorry i’m late again
i keep working like the -ssh0l- of a g-y man
if i offend you, oops. sorry. no i’m not
that’s just one needle in the hay stand
you can hate the f-ck on me that’s just the way i am
this my real skin, i ain’t scared of sh-t
i don’t hide behind a spray tan
you can see different
i’ma go belligerent
i’m just trying to get this rent
buy maddie that picket fence
no tomorrow i’m going to live in tense (intense)
live in tents like a circus act
rhyme dope on the tightrope, perfect balance, none my verses slack, ay
i disappeared. i ain’t been around but the word is back
darker days have stretched me thin inside that wormhole vac
ashamed that i’ve been receiving opportunities that might be a different outcome if the person’s black
i’ma hold my cred on my latino blood
even though i’m c-note one
i’ma let my ego flood
i’m not playing games like bmo from adventure time
its ascension time in 2018
and now that i have your attention, bye

oo-ya, yeah-ya
oo-ya, yeah-ya

we’re getting lost in the music
i really don’t need your two cents
we’re getting lost in the music
catch us in the bas-m-nt (x4)