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kid ink – time of your life (remix) lyrics


time of your life (remix)
(feat. chris brown & tyga)

yeah i said, you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta leave
my bad, i know this ain’t usually your scene
but don’t worry about it girl, just be yourself
and i swear, i ain’t gonna, i ain’t gonna say a thing
now go just have the time of your life, the time of your life, let it go
go go go, have the time of your life, time of your life, baby let it show

[kid ink]
now let me show you how we livin’
wouldn’t trade the world for this feelin’
puttin on for my city, up and away to the limit
head high in the sky they can’t see us baby girl we about to get it
had the time of your lifestyle
actin so shy see the fireworks comin’
its the 4th of july up in this b-tch, jumpin like a 64′
get up out your day put this bottle on your lips go
all the away said that all i need in this world full of greed is my b-tch and my team tell em
that you ain’t gotta trip i won’t say a thing baby girl, plead the 5th


sunshine, golden state, she make a wish i cut the cake
appet-te for love she the recipe
she so on my level when it’s f-ck who ever disagree
spendin’ time spendin’ money we overseas
new estate, r8 she get the keys
one thing that i’m guessing she don’t probly know recession
all that beauty on your face, n-gg-s pay cause they can’t pace
i don’t play i just lay lay my game down flat
told her this for one night only if you come and bring her back
cus i probably won’t be back its a party where i’m at
it’s a party in my pants and you invited with all that dance god d-mn

[chris brown]
they be n-gg- that’s the sh-t
i be like n-gg- thats that what?
girl you know that i’m gon take you down
let that molly turn you up
this might go right over your biscuit but my sh-t is predator
and you the price i’ma slay beat it up, beat it up
they be like why she walk like her sh-t don’t stink
cus thats my b-tch what you think
shine in the night, the time of your life
a n-gg- like you can you afford these drinks
grindin’ hard since kindergarten
f-ck that n-gg-, i am the party that’s that sh-t
that real life sh-t
i’ve been about it

[kid ink]
i been about it, you can ask your friends about me
i know that they know how we get down to the very bottom
and i bet you never had this much fun with anybody
you can tell your man don’t worry about us, b-tch!