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kid ink – tuna roll lyrics


[verse 1:]
business as usual
money on my mind i can feel it in my cubicle
f-ckin’ 95 wasn’t made for a cubicle
n-gg-s know i’m raw-tuna roll

you know what it is kid ink up in this b-tch
hear that errr smell the scent
b-tch i’m all, all in
one hit and leave a n-gg-s nose twitchin he wished it would
what i’m smokin on i sware to god i’m floatin in a drift
alumni we the illest
sicker than contagion
all up in your hood like my n-gg-s workin’ crankin’
know that l.a. is the city but it look like we from asia
say i don’t be in my city? who the f-ck is you pholasin
lets go!
well alright!

[verse 2:]
it go peter picked them peppers n-gg- i just picked them hoes
swimin’ in the money how i’m livin, boathouse
i don’t need a floaty cause i’m sittin’ on a cloud
tell the world kiss my -ss head up look at me now b-tch!
back on immense, stack on stack i’m rackin’ em’ in
sware that they ain’t f-ckin’ with me talkin all that essence
b-tch i’m blowin’ up, cue the bomb
n-gg-s know i’m raw tuna roll

[verse 3:]
batter up, i’m outta here
find me in the cut like i live there
i’m the man in this b-tch you just tyler perry
see me throwin’ money in the sky til’ i’m outta air
sorry your honor but i had to kill em’
n-gg-s think they hard but they softer than pillows
and i’m high off a pill in the buildin’ like dealers
p-ssin’ off the tenants give a f-ck bout your feelings
tell em!
i’m on!

[verse 4:]
okay, snapback, hatback
smokin’ on that loud pack
blow it to the ceiling, look like bombs over baghdad
b-tch i’m more familie, even mobile phone to texts
i’m the realest on the at-list you can go and ask the m-sses
what up!
hold up, have a taste
you ain’t gotta go to outer sp-ce
you can see the stars baby, welcome to the show
yeah these n-gg-s know i’m raw, tuna roll!
alumini b-tch!
wheels up!
n-gg-s know i’m raw tuna roll!