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kid scoobie – expelled lyrics


[verse i]
chyea, chyea, chyea, chyea
what the f-ck, does that mean?
i got cash, i drink lean
just kidding, i’m not a fiend
stay green, recycling
i’ma king, not a queen
bohemian rhapsody
benzene, c6h6
gettin’ kicks, with my clique
through the river, river styx
shootin’ hoops with the f-ckin’ timberwolves
while i’m tellin’ the whole world that i don’t give a sh-t
ay, i’m hot sh-t
and i’ll p-ss this sh-t when i feel like it
takin’ me back to the promise land
strollin’ around with some cash in hand
throwin’ me out towards the deep end with the crustaceans cuz of my d-mn lobster hand
my heart is obsidian
my soul is a wasteland
i am different so people just yell and scream, tryin’ to get my -ss banned

[verse ii]
can’t think of anything that’ll relax me
i am a f-ckin’ machine
i am the king, i reign supreme
open your eyes, and when you see me
i’ll slice your head off like i’m o-ren ishii
(yuh) i’ma war pig
i was raised in the streets
i’m like michael myers, everyday is halloween
i started out as a little seed, just like a bean
but fire me up, i grow as big as a tree
please, just please help me, just let me free
i, i cannot sleep, i cannot dream
tickety tock goes the clock
my head is as dumb as a rock
falling away as i hear the crow squawk

[verse iii]
here is my morning routine
washin’ my hair with some gasoline
rinsin’ my eyes with some listerine
drivin’ to school in a limousine (ay)
put it in park, all the kids laughing, but here’s my remark
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, you’re funny!
but you’re a f-ckin’ dummy
and your tummy feelin’ funky
prolly cuz i put some mud in your honey
take your mommy and i nutty
steal are your money
you a skinny, unfunny, and a clumsy dumb duckling
you should prolly just run
i got your mom on my side, i guess she now my wife
ride or die
bonnie clyde
and you know i’m verified
and you just horrified cuz lil half sheet worldwide, and you’re just c-ckeyed
when we collide, like math, your soul will just divide
i mean i tried, your pride too high
so all my actions justified