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kieran d. vella – woah lyrics



walk around town with a big ass smile
keep it going, let em know you’re here for a while
said on my chest rest sorry not sorry
show em no mercy like melo and curry
they be like bruh, when they hearing my tunes
bass so heavy it vibrate the whole room
i’ve learned my lessons by f+cking the rules
call me the teacher, i’ll take you to school
tats on my body, lil kids think it’s cool
to all of the parents, i’m a voice for the youth
i got the drip and they all got the drool
i got the st++ze and they all got the stool
god loves ugly i wake up with a smile
only going up it’s been the plan for a while
mumma wants a house but i can’t right now
so i’m putting on my shoes and running 8 miles
5’5 on the money 5’5, d+mn
i’m dr seuss with the green, eggs and ham
i’m dr seuss with the way that i rap
it’s not rocket science to know that’s a fact
matter fact, i been flying up high in the sky, never never gon’ land like i’m peter pan
my life panoramic, i see where you’re standing, see me standing out when i stand up to show out
v for vendetta, nah v stand for vella
i’m out of this world like i’m in interstellar
walking on the moon i moonwalk through the madness and millyrock my way to platinum status
drinking my juice from a chalice, how lavish
i’m harry potter, i’m made up of magic
she tell me she want me eat her punani
i ask her nicely ride me like ducatti


woah, woah (x8)
woah, woah (x6)


all these
money hungry b+tches always asking for my pictures
i just tell em, i ain’t harry potter, i don’t like no witches yeah
y’all better back up, unless you wanna leave with stitches
this whole beats a f+ckin’ homicide and you the only witness, look
0630 reppin’ on that drug store medication, we’re
f+cked up, feeling dazed, sipping cold flu echinacea, just
destroying motherf+ckers like it’s final destination
if you wanna call us k!llers, that’s your own interpretation of it
sgg, here’s a little, sweet fact
if you test the family you gon’ be eaten by the pack
don’t go crying to your mama cause you wanna take it back
saying straight up to her face “i didn’t mean it like that”
please stay out of town because we don’t forget a face
and we’ll be making d+mn sure that b+tches stay right in their place, we are
sol, marcel, jack, nate, kieran, craig as well
strapped up to the max, you know we all ready to bring h+ll
5’9”, on the money, 5’9”, d+mn
supersonic girls for all the sg boys, wham
drop a short stack on some mandy, split a gram
we’ll be featured as some creatures through to the early am
yeah i’m a nice fella, come on, come here tinderella
she a go+getter, trend setter, get you wetter
sp+ce man, interplanetary, this is legendary
10 grand, if my money talked, would you f+ckin hear me?
i came to bust down cause we all run the show now
you seem complacent, you know you just gettin’ kicked out
this criminal division we call sgg is livin’
you just facing up the gang, you know you might as well just give in
running up the money, b+tches tryna take it off me
all these fakes ain’t rappin’ lyrics, they should learn to do it properly
this sh+t that we’re producing gonna put you in your coffin
target acquired boys, yeah i think we f+ckin’ gottem

woah, woah (x8)
woah, woah (x8)