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kiing rod – rampage lyrics


runnin through my city with my guys in the
back in a big body coupe with a 30 on his lap
pray every day that i make it home safe cuz i
gotta come through and give my mom a hunnit k
on the road daily new cities everyday found
a new bad b-tch took her straight to the bank
everyday i close her data pickin up a new
wraith, i remember back when i saved my first 10k
f-ck n-gg-s switch for the dumb lil b-tch
but i knew i couldn’t her so i cant even trip
got my stomach feeling sick with all this d-mn fake
sh-t, all tha calls that i get come wit a favor quick
never got a hand out no these b-tches aint sh-t
everybody trynna claim that we all change quick
go and have a 4v4 trynna kick a new door
where was yall at when we was down to the floor
money changes n-gg-s,
you can see in they face but all my
n-gg-s real, everybody got a place
stay loyal to your grain,
never change for no fame cause its strictly only brothers
gang! gang! gang! gang!
keep a tool on me when im riding in the coupe,
cant trust new n-gg-s they be plottin on us too
just spent 20 bands on my neck,
thats a fact all these diamonds in
her face, she gon have to throw it back
(like i said lil bro in the back with the stick,
i aint worried bout none of that sh-t, huh,
just touched your weekly check in a
night lil n-gg-, get yo cheese up)
looking at my past,
like d-mn it was sad . year go by now my brother in a jag
its death before dishonor so ill never change up
i stayed down with my n-gg-s and we finally came up
got a little fame, then n-gg-s started calling .
talkin bout they love me, lil n-gg- keep plotting
i keep one on me and i dont even gotta c-ck it,
said i keep one on me and i dont even gotta c-ck it