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​kill ebola – alprazolam lyrics


wow, wow, wow, ay, yuh, ay, yuh
(poppin’ xan, poppin’ xan
i’m a man, i’m a man)


666 xans, on the devil’s level
when you thought i row [?] the pedal
pick you up and drop you just like you a flower petal
all you rappers nowadays just make it heavy metal
you so sh+t now, your b+tch on my d+ck now
you a fan now, i bet you cl!cked the link now
syrup in my soda, that sh+t turning pink now
oxycodone made me throw up in a sink now


i’m a man, i’m a man
poppin’ xan, poppin’ xan 2x


k!ll ebola goin’ super saiyan
red xan, green xan got me f+cking lit 2x

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