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killa cain – reefer {clean} lyrics


reefer – k!lla cain – idbeatz – clean version

reefer — reefer — reefer — smoke! x4

verse 1
rolling up that kiesha, got 2 bag stashed back by da freezer
rather p-ss, dont want none neither, if i was you wouldn’t like me either
dont got cash, “square up” ya visa, moving like im pizza pizza
call me if ya ever need her, like a sheena, karrie, reesa

i smoke trees an trees an trees up, like im dancing up wit kieva
i see b cups, c cups, d cups, music banging thru them speakers
#payattention ! this the reefer, i got tweekers for da peoples
im illegal, legal, regal, an im lookin for a degal

watch dem eyes that never see you, or them lips that never speak to you
im bout to reach the kingdom wit a camel through the needle
who my peoples that rolling wit me, my advice, juss let em beep to you
im out to get this money, fill my tummy, i ain’t needin you

sitting watchin veetle, smoke some good while its illegal
no this ain’t no steven segull, or some mickey mouse sequel
smoke in churches wit no steeple, an they say we livin evil
im jus livin ma’an, get it while ya can, out the vehicle

reefer — reefer — reefer — smoke! x8

verse 2
some say they smoke a little bit, can i get a little hit
you dont smoke, then you should quit, while you ahead, you little (y’eahhup!)
i smoke that smoke, can’t see me choke, it got me all ridiculous
[go broke, off smoke], that ain’t no joke, [now i be bunnin on a little spliff]

in the kitchen, whipping it, baked goods, ripping it
see me on my bike, im riding by, im high up in this (y’eahhup!)
take me to the dealership, i ain’t really sayin it, (shhhh!)
take me to the weed dealer, watch me buy up all his (shhhh!)

got dat sticky green piff, purple leafs an red tips
girl you keep dem red bottoms, im a get my face lift
all dem pending cases, you should really face it
make that weed mo legal, and we cover many bases

seen so many places, s-xes, creeds, races
they all want smoke, we all want smoke, i smoke in staircases
smoking on the day shift, my god this weed amazing
lock me up an throw that key, i still, will be blazing

reefer — reefer — reefer — smoke! x8


reefer — reefer — reefer — smoke! x8