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killah priest – outer limits lyrics


through the dark halls, flesh+marked walls of dark gray falls sits amidst eight [?] the tomb
a crack in the cliff, ceiling revealing the black moon
hieroglyphics of the bible lyrics is written
visions, lyrical revival hypnotism
listen, a voice command you, under [?]
open the lid, they spoke as he dig
walk over the puddles and grab the shovel and dig
thick smoke inside the pyramids
records of the epic of gilgamesh
secret message in the lessons that they sealed now revealed again to the kid
slid the tomb lid off
magic dust inside the cold and frost
a gothic cross on a wrap cloth
he backed off into a wall that spun into a hall
darkened from his horror, the floor was sticky, the air was misty risky
he saw a tomb, a crack in the ceiling revealing the moon
his frightened imagination turned to black
he looked on the wall, seen egyptian writing, then he hear, “zap”
he came to, saw an angel that knew
next to a puddle, shovel in his hand
stand in a hole beneath at least six feet deep, he fell asleep
awake near day break
grave, grave mistake
saw an open coffin
heard a voice and creatures crawling
something’s in the corner coughing
it’s cold, it’s like a ghost stole his soul
mummy’s hand push him down a hole
landed on top of a closed coffin in a room that seemed haunted
dark gray mist so thick he begins coughing
his only sight was from the moonlight
he sneezed, gesundheit
grabbed the rusty spoon, put it to the tomb to write
fog like dry ice
next thing you know his face stiffened
then he’s somewhere grave+digging
he found a scroll, a pot of gold, underground hole
a crown [?], then it got cold
he heard organs then the wall spin, [?]
40,000 b.c. in the royal chambers of thieves
pharaoh in his castle offer wages to mystics and soothsayers
defenders from the tomb raiders
studies of the heavens in the blue layers, even the truce breakers
and the youth makers and the booze takers
he proposed riddles as the women de+robed and giggled
he talked of wine and war and kings, gods, queens of hearts, zodiac charts, herbs, [?] and all those things
’til the day fell dark
a drunken [?] said, “oh king, oh wise king, thy heart is more [?] than…”

to be continued…