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killah priest & vendetta kingz – infinite chapterz lyrics


[intro] k!llah priest
yeah, it’s priest
vendetta kingz
we coming like angels that severed the wings
from off the wicked demons

[k!llah priest]
my page’s stained glass
my pen cause a horrific pictures of scriptures off a saints past
fluent graph till it paints the pad entirely
fiery words are burning on the paper
like stones of moses given for the perpetrators
the herb and savors all hear the message from thе urban savior
like the persian princе on ships invading neighbor on planets in sp+ce
priest landed on the face of the earth
from out the universe
we saw the light fare when the lumen burst
the night stares from the room of her
it’s kind of blur then the life appears
wait! let me tell this verse
you see clearer
my mind’s deep but reflects like the mirror
i turn sixteen bars into a theatre
the st. francis stances, watch priest hand script the anglo+saxons
have angels gasping up there in the airs
it’s too deep you fall asleep
you dream about my rhymes with no peak
you only have nightmares when they stop the beat
priest! it’s like joshua holding the apocrypha
my mind’s the photographer, the pen’s the choreographer
as deep as the philosopher
priest! vendetta kingz inherit all things
[holy ghostman]
woven gold, the holy ghost smoking scrolls
imagination drifts see me rocking marvelous pearls
hold the globe like axis when it’s off its axis
practice the magic, i already have it
my mind inhabits it, i know it’s really hard to grasp it
half bent off the medicine i let it settle in
pause with excellence, recycle old testaments
disguise truth made men prejudice
wars began thunder then the storm of the sands
collision cause pitch dark versus white staff lightning crash
time lapse of how the god relax
chose through rhyme not only for a moment in time
i’m in the stars constellation where i steadily shine
scholar in mind, students need to study my rhymes
teach the values in life way beyond the design
the book is open and this the chapter present in mind
you’re past tense, you’re way behind you’re stuck in the time
wise men sat at tables ready to feast
amongst twelve disciples who broke bread with priest
the iron sheik, project screen filmed for the streets
grills up, cheers, toast to the vendetta kingz

[king david]
the blueprints in my music, deeper than confucius
golden fist script testaments, predestined with
divine hip+hop excellence, elegance science
defy devilish tyrants, with priest we shine bright
cuz the mental is vibrant, turn coal to diamonds
cinematic past sacred, king david the messenger
was chosen with blessing to speak god’s last statement
for those who still breathe but they living in caskets
knowledge from the plate of life is what i’m giving the masses
the book inside my soul holds infinite chapterz
the kings who saved captives slaughter slave masters
my melanin stands, i’m like huey p. newton rocking camouflaged pants
my thoughts you can’t measure
born through the spirits my flesh were stain weapons
glorify the struggle from my righteous ancestors
from the most high i’m hostile
it’s right hand is apostle
rock the crown, got fatigues that cover my fossils
smoke leeks out of my nostrils, be classic materials
all opposing forces left dead in the rain
with priest we spoke truth, it’s the vendetta kingz

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