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king cesar – time for us lyrics


king cesar ft. spiga and kong + “time for us”
[emcee(s): spiga and kong]
[producer(s): x+ray da mindbenda]

[hook: samples]
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a time for us”

[verse 1: spiga]
i’m in
the kitchen, slipping clips in, b+tching ‘bout the system
even if i chose a victim, f+ck ‘em all—who will listen?
duck or fall if i get ‘em, leave a n+gga p+ssing blood, feel like
you o.d.’d off prescription drugs just ‘cause you was kissing thugs
never miss a slug, pray they never do the same for me
choose love over fame. with all the dirt, they would have came for me
i’d hate to be that n+gga that claimed to be the reason. a buffed
40+inch became the reason, common as seasons, i’m speeding
whatever i’m in, driving ‘til the wheels get shot off
still, if it pop off, make sure you bring a lot that drops off
i’ll smother my fish with hot sauce, dig in my nose, guard
the place so the meek don’t stay close, broken nose flows
shows you who’s shark in their nature. salt plus beef?
you gon’ feel like i ate ya. hi, hater. you die now
so you can’t try later. i’m thorough, only slipping’s when i’m
drifting through your borough to burn you—it should concern you. i warned you
vivid pictures how a man became a monsta
took the shackles off the beast so he can stomp you when he want ta
haunt your dreams like something under your bed, so be prepared
to spot the top of the man to the right of your head. why you think i said…
[hook: samples]
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a time for us”

[verse 2: kong]
“f+ck the world”
t+shirt slogan, hulk hogan chokeholding
soldiers acting like murder’s your motive. well, look into the eyes
of danger, fam, you won’t get noticed. over the shoulder
coast+to+coast, toe+to+toe to kong, you’re hosed in
yo, real n+ggas show us. beef bring the bronx in
coming head+on, guns applied directly to your forehead
kong, son, i gets it on, son, strongarm the strong one
beast 101, nicknamed “the wrong one”
test your fate, feathers’ weight, levitate from the fourth floor
four doors down, section 8, my thought is my
collection plate. let it be told we got problems in the street
n+gga, that’s the end of the road. don’t talk it if you can’t
walk it. you walk it? better rep it. walking without
weapons is like, “apology not accepted.” yeah
i peeped your hidden messages, the sounds carried buried. carry
guns too, son, and i’m dark sun like my name was shadow
swift with the barrel, bow and arrow scar, surely no stranger
to the gravel. pass the ball, but you traveled thoroughly
i don’t sleep, so we got problems in the streets. please
respect my presence early
[hook: samples]
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a…”
“someday, there’ll be a time for us”