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king diamond – welcome home lyrics


make the temperature rise, the temperature rise
we cap to ride, cap to homicide
it’s instrumental, heat is in the dead of the winter
in the heart of the cold we re-structure your soul
it’s dat n-gg- daz (kurupt we don’t give a f-ck
like n-gg- whattup?) dat n-gg- daz and kurupt
it’s fatal fire blaze, sherm with a perm
super superb, wiggle like a worm let it burn
i pull up, on the corner store, what a sunny day
sunny cali-for-ni-a, the g way display
how to scr-pe the flo’ proper-like, hit the cylinders
and scr-pe the flo’ proper-like, stop at the light
pull up then drive to the right
it’s so good to be back home homey where the feeling is right

chorus: latoya

welcome home… into l.a.
where the tippy roll around… and the gangsters play
it’s been too long… just to seen you come around
now we can have a good time…
just watch your back, when you’re comin through this town

(l.a., l.a., l-l-l.a., l.a.)

zone on roam and romeo’s rome
n-gg- home sweet home, chromes, battlezones
world wars — boys and girls, girls and wh-r-s
eighty-seven chevy with switches galore
impala bounce, at the ice cream parlor blaze an ounce
to ounce, dice game break and it counts
kick in n-gg- before we gotta kick in n-gg- shoot
and whip out the shank and start stickin n-gg-z
get jacked for prior burnings, we jack for higher learning
no concerning, is life worth living or learning
we jack for other turnings, we keep the burners burning
witn no concerning, is life worth living or earning
first i park n-gg-, then spark n-gg-
go from martin luther king to leimert park n-gg-
we g n-gg-, we don’t give a f-ck, daz and kurupt
here, tell your kids – kids, grow the f-ck up


dippin and hittin switches i’ma hop, don’t do sh-t but hop
pan-cake, let the fo’ drop, n-gg- hop
stop, pull out your pistol then pop
hit em two times til he drop when i hop
up and down the street bounce rock
ragtop is history in california, the bounce rock hop
roller skate n-gg- watch a gangster take n-gg-z
take off, break n-gg-z down, break n-gg-z trample and shake n-gg-z
over turf, earthquake n-gg-z
move to the side, we ride, you ever see a g glide
slide, motivate the crowd, a thirty-eight macleod
forever boom sound with one single round

chorus 2x

[latoya] welcome home (l.a., l.a., l-l-l.a., l.a.)
[latoya] welcome home (l.a., l.a., l-l-l.a., l.a.)
[latoya] welcome home (l.a., l.a., l-l-l.a., l.a.)
[latoya] welcome home… into l.a.
(l.a., l.a., l-l-l.a., l.a.)