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king dif – no caption lyrics


aye turn me up in my head phones….oh that’s right never mind…….
i turn myself up…..yeah….

[verse 1]
look, cuz i still got homies trappin/
i still got a few n-ggas trynna make it out the trenches off of rappin/
and i still ain’t got no love for the law/
i still move with precaution cuz i know these n-ggas wanna take me off/
and i’m still takin care of my people, cuz n0body gave use sh-t they watch us struggle then they lie and say we equal/
i’m still the same n-gga henny sipping out the bottle/
chasin ms on my own they ain’t on the sh-t that i’m on/
still don’t owe n0body sh-t so you can keep yo 2 cents/
still making dollars but the sh-t you on ain’t making sense/
still with the same n-ggas i ain’t do no switching up/
but you still on that petty sh-t you should just give it up/

phone talking

[verse 2]
still ducking cops, ducking bullets even potholes/
still praying to the lord watch the ones who not close/
still wishing that my grannie and my uncle hank was livin/
i remember when i got that call, sh-t is still vivid/
still i rise, people wanna tear me down, proven fact /
but i’m still headed to the top and ou can’t hate on that/
n-ggas still goin thru the same sh-t with they hoe/
they all in feelings on the internet, pitiful/
still i ain’t trustin sh-t, that’s as far as i can throw/
people gon get down on you, still a hit you down below/
still putting n-ggas on, while i’m trynna hep myself/
if you ever try to cross me it don’t matter you’ll get dealt/
dif n-gga…..