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king gabriel – too late lyrics


that’s what i thought you said
lemme offer this as a reb-ttal

it’s gabriel on the track n-gga
yall need to get used that sh-t

its too late
y’all so fake
i’m too bake
and too paidx2

(this is)
make a way
uh anyday
n-gga anyday
uh late
wake and bake
aye everyday
n-gga erryday

(verse 1)
we pull up and get lit
that’s just how sh-t is
gotta handle all my biz
cannot f-ck with the kid
now it’s time to get it in
i be the realest one
this my art, i let you hear for fun
stayin’ hot
n-gga more than once
find a way to double up my funds
none of yall can’t relate
on my way to the cake
even if i hit state to state
it’s my style to be a little late but now
i am one of the realest that you seen
came up with no dollars
it’s time to get my green
n-gga cop that green
gotta stack my cheese


flow like g*nius
but too lit to be preaching
every move i make you know i’m always beastin’
compared to me these other rappers ain’t even decent
going mvp get my steak
time for my season
f-ck a dolla
i need stacks
am i the only one that gotta peep these facts (n-gga)
i just want these racks
plus want these shawtys to gone make it clap
pull up at the photo shoot
nothing photoshopped
baby girl you know we rock
yea we going hard
swear these n-ggas gone be late
smokin it to the face
stuntin’ on them when they hate
sh-t no debate