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king louie – like louie lyrics


[produced by dj l]

[verse 1]
smoking, chronic, with a blond b-tch
it’s on me, a diamond, don’t make me p-wn it
my sonic, get on that and push your dome back
all that, all that, we need all that
staying in, staining, and g-ngb-nging
amen, they praying when i’m gon’ spray em
my brietling, like iceland, that b-tch be twinkling
no time to talk if the conversation ain’t worth a band
ben franklin, ben franklin, i stack ben franklins
some gangster sh-t, ben franklins, got all ben franklins
might take your b-tch, might take your b-tch, deuces while you go p-ss
money dance, 100 bands, really that ain’t sh-t
balling, n-ggas b-tches and they know it
n-ggas b-tches, they be folding
where your chain, that n-gga stole it
you a b-tch and you know that
why you talking to a g like you don’t know me
why you talking to me like my friends ain’t k!llers?
if i got a problem with em they gon’ k!ll em, fo nem get em
i say i’m rolling, [?] what you told him
hang a chopper, catch a body
you hit the target if not today, k!ll em tomorrow
i’m the god of drill, tony ghost, you on your judas sh-t
i picked up your little b-tch and she got to sucking my polish
i’m no p-ssy, c-section me, ask my mom melanie
she had me, i’m happy, shout out my daddy
fatty, say i’m out here till the feds catch me
i’m getting fetti, i’m getting fetti, look at my bezzy
my big bro, he got his license, don’t get buried
give him a halo, take his life quick, ain’t on that fight sh-t
it’s that blow, bodies swole, leave em cold
tag on toes, funeral, get him a rose
i love money not these b-tches or these hoes
i’m a gangster, for sure, my dad a force, ho
i’m a b o n, i’m a b o n, n-gga
i’m a b o n, i’m a b o n, n-gga
5 star, universal sh-t, bullets reverse and sh-t
face shots in the daytime, get em he-rs-s quick

i was with your b-tch yesterday and your kid was there
i heard him talking about me
and he said all i want to do is be like louie when i grow up
all i want to do is be like louie when i grow up
all i want to do is be like louie when i grow up
my name is louie but they call me tony, so what?
your b-tch see me and she instantly turn the ho up
broke n-ggas see real n-ggas get money and they throw up