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king t – forty ounce fit for a king lyrics


[skit #1: sample of old st. ides tv commercial]
i got something to say, man, you dig?
i mean you cats been up here rapping
ain’t saying nothing about the real thing, you know what i mean?
now, i got something to say, man
the real soul brother.. hey!!

[king tee]
it’s friday night, on the streets of l.a
i’m going out, been hanging around the house all day
so we walked to the liquor store
pull them on the drive
get a grab of 40 oz. case of st. ides
(but wait don’t you drink olde english?)
how you figure king tee to be the premium malt liquor smooth and sl!ck (how you) no taste cause i’m finna act a fool
st. ides in the place