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king thomas – rappin’ like soulja lyrics


to get my money, have to swipe my card, neil armstrong was on the moon, maybe he was rock hard. you know the name, it is k to the t, i slam you so hard, got you buzzing like a bee. i’m on a skateboard, a hippie, going 360
[verse 1]
it’s me, i’m back once more just to kick you in your neck, from the d-ck-faced wh0r- in your bedroom making love, i remember way back when i touched her b-tt at the pub. my little 5 year old brother was on my computer looking at anorexic flexible little girls on p-rnhub and when i walked in on him and caught him, i said “what in the f-ck!”, he said it’s not what you think and i said “your f-cking disgusting.” “hey, don’t swear, that’s inappropriate” b-tch, look who’s talking? “i’m gonna tell mom on you.” i said, then he pulled out 10 bucks, he said my friend gave this to me, it’s covered in honey, yeah guess what, it’s money. i said “stop being funny, are you trying to bribe me”, he said no, then i told on him anyways. he got a beating later from his mommy on a sunday, he got payback by getting me drunk off wine, once i was sober, i saw a bottle with the word payback on it, “hey!”, i said

got a lot of money, i can spend it watching movies, the interview isn’t playing? man, f-ck [north korea]. let’s forget ’bout all that, let’s remember the fact about ebola, nah, the fact i’m rappin’ like soulja, rappin’ like soulja, rappin’ like soulja, the only thing i’m doing is i’m rappin’ like soulja

[verse 2: tyler, the creator]
i’m psychedelic like a pair of chicken wings, i’m a taco, get it? remember odd future, no? you don’t? fine, i’mma still f-ck your b-tch, rip off my dong, get high and replace my d-ck with a bong. so i can smoke from my genitalia in a minute, dog. this is not my song this time, it’s kt’s song, i wish i got more lines, oh wait, i have 42? great, now i can, wait, i’m over 42. i don’t give a f-ck and rules are rules, but in this case it ain’t, so i’mma k!ll this dude. i have to make the plan so i can make more lines, you might’ve thought i was normal before, but now i’ve f-cking lost my mind, i noticed most of the words i said haven’t rhymed, so why am i plotting to k!ll this guy?


[verse 3]
i’m happy now because it’s him, i saw soulja on the street and then i wanted to [slaughter] him so i could take his place, then i thought i’m not that psychotic, so i just ripped off his face

[outro: tyler, the creator]
when you say that, you sound that psychotic, ripping necks off of your office, wait, that made no sense, the song is ending, so my life ends