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king von – gleesh place lyrics


lyrics from snippet

better get you one (better get you one)
i make sh+t skake (shake), up in broad day (yeah)
no face, ain’t no case (no case)
’member that the hard way (baow, baow)
posted in parkway (uh+uh)
f+ck what the narcs say (f+ck what they say)
just hit a quick stand out, i’m runnin’ through gang ways (run, run)

jump the tall gate (jump)
hit the hallway (uh, uh)
run to the fifth floor (run)
now i’m in gleesh place (now, now)
came in out the [?] (uh), should’ve seen gleesh face (d+mn, d+mn)
and i showed him the stain (look), it was like fifty k
finna buy a car (yeah)
gleesh say get it straight (vroom, vroom)
finna buy some guns (yeah)
gleesh say get it quick (boom, boom)