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kingcali – zombie lyrics


[verse 1: kingcali]
coming on the track, clique rolling through the street
you standing in our way so i control, alt delete
we coming with that heat, 909 deep
tre on the beat, jay on the street, will in the lab while cali in the ‘lac
bought a new jag
margiala loafers
we turn you into tv dinner, no stouffer’s
i’m in a ranger rover, not sober
lyrics on repeat like over and over
after death my flow might be colder
i’m like a f-cking zombie
rapping like a bro but like i said it’s just a hobby
shake and bake you ricky bobby
dressed in all red no commy
smoking backwoods in the vegas mgm grande lobby

[verse 2: kingcali]
and we back on the track
in the cadillac
with the ak in the back
give you heart attack flow wide awake insomniac
no joke drinking on the jack
yeah, i might be the hottest
rolling with the posse, whole crew saucy, we eating good while you sitting getting blood clotties