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kingspade – the adventures of this lyrics


introducin yall to the future stars of freestyle motocross gettin high goin far
morrisons known as sc-mmy, stan vergus[?] twitch
roamin is was is its the adventures of this

its the adventures of twitch and sc-mmy you can catch morissin goin over two hundie
twenty [?] we got tattoed and exchanged some clothes
its the double mcm bustin phat gaps with the braaaaap, the mulisha got us packed
hes gone like that when hes, on his bike and yo just like my rhymes you know it sounds tight
holla morisson aka sc-mmy and when hes on his bike you know hes all about the money
gettin whipped bustin tricks rollin on the 22s got the kmc rims and the pillz that are blue
him and, twitchy, goin 220 plus, 5th gear tap yo, who wanna bust, holla morrison the kids dont joke like d loc when it comes to bustin youll get smoked


let me say a little bit my boy named twitch, the littlest m-th- f-cka takes the biggest hits
hes the master of the whip, snappin it back even switch hittin freestyle ramps like hes f-ckin a b-tch, hear aggression
hes always in control, still rocks the chipped teeth gives a f-ck about gold, steppin up hes the king pants sagged to his knees
befo every show you know he smokes mad weed, never rode with metal mulisha hes always in black, if you see him when you get em he dont ?
carreer killas on his neck he dont really give a f-ck with monsta faces on his arms, white boy on his nucks
loose duces on his rocks[?] twitch is always flexin, plus he got the bone crusha for the dirtbike session
anything you think is big i seen them both go bigger, sc-mmy and twitch stick together like d-loc and johnny richter