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kingston wall – the real thing (18:02) lyrics


she walks down the stairs
with dignity and no rush at all
her appearance makes you gasp’n’stare,
her presence makes you feel like you’d crawl
she takes a look around the place
makes the other ladies feel disgrased
she takes a drink and stands
you just can’t take your eyes off her figure,
she laughs with her friend who ain’t a man
now you’re getting so, so eager
it’s time to try your luck again
but remember what i say
it’s gotta be the real thing
for that lady
she ain’t here for any faking
you tell her something sweet for starters
already you know it didn’t sound too good
you start to dream about her caress ‘n’
try so hard to get her hooked
you proove yourself but she looks away
remember what i said
it’s gotta be the real thing
for that lady
she ain’t here for any faking
the lady, you know, she is the earth
understand and she’ll make it worth
she’s the swan (s-van) where we all come from
the most beautiful and healthy one(-)
give the lady but be sincere
she’ll give you much of what you need
take her as a self-evidence
you know she’ll slap you in your face
and as the gardeners of this plan (-et)
i think by now we all understand (stand under?)
the two of a kind they need a rest
remember what i said:
it’s gotta be the real (reel) thing….
– (one = van(er))
… or what do you think?
+————————+ +————————–+
i mikko virtanen i “i’m the most i +358-0-331778 (voice) i
i palopirtintie 17 b 8 i boring sonsab-tch i +358-0-3432373 (v.fc) i
i 00930 helsinki 93 i you’ve ever seen.” i +358-0-3433193 (v.32b) i
i finland i – primus i i
+————————+ +————————–+