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kirk franklin – hide me lyrics


[verse i]
i know you see us, i know you hear us when we pray
you understand us, see deep inside us, translate tears then take ’em away
i’m a be honest, there are times, your ways and methods, i don’t understand
you see so far, tell me who you are, i know your touch, but can’t see you plan
i’m lost in the thing called life, left to me now feels right
it’s your turn now, i wanna be where you are

hide me
let me live behind you
cause i need
shelter from the rain
remind me
the only my faith can grow is when you let your winds blow
you’re making me stronger now so
rain don’t go away
don’t go away

[verse ii]
i admit, it’d be nice to have some light shine down on me
especially when what i shall be you don’t always let me see
it ain’t easy but i’m trying hard to get out your way
to believe in what you say, that my change begins today
the road include some pain and to grow you need some rain and when it falls i wanna be where you are


’cause there’s so much i see needs to grow inside of me
in the fire i realized before i lived i had to die
please believe me when i say i can’t waste anotyhe day
it’s so easy to complain, but complain don’t make it change
not the victim anymore, all the things god has in store
if i ain’t ready don’t let the rain go away
don’t go away


you’re making me stronger now 7x
you made me stronger now 3x
he made me stronger now
she made me stronger now
they made me stronger now
you made me stronger now 8x