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​kissherguts – ​never commit lyrics


[intro: kissherguts]
it’s all good until its not
scream that sh+t, my throat ripped out
someone’s there and they’re not
you’re not who they care about
disappointments, i lost count
bleeding out, i’m full of doubt
you ain’t gotta know my kids
saying change but i’m not convinced

[verse 1: kissherguts]
twnety+two years of me being straight p+ssed
no, i can’t lie you was good at that sh+t
loving me dearly creating a list
creating [?] of what i would miss
creating images that i look back to and i pray that all this sh+t could be fixed
but it don’t work, i’m afraid of the risk
what if i like them a lot and fit in?
what if i don’t and i just feel like sh+t?
and you wonder why i never commit
never commit
never commit

[verse 2: funeral
why is it so hard to understand?
lazy, lazy, lazy, lay in my hands
i’ll be d+mned if you said, my bad
sitting on my bed
can’t n0body compare to the things you do
i ain’t never been scared of the things you do
what i wanted [?], i’m working on my sleep
i wouldn’t want it to last, didn’t know what i need
something that i can’t be, it’s so clear to see
it’s either you or me, that’s why you’re scared of me
scared of me, scared of me

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