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kitaro – heaven and earth (land theme) – heaven and earth/soundtrack version lyrics


heaven on earth
heaven on earth (the mission)

ever, there’s oceans between us, take to the sea, take to the sea
there’s heaven before us, float on the waves, float on the waves

chorus: pale moon lay beleif on me, mother come give me birth
you give me heaven, and i’ll give you the earth

heaven lays on your pillow, sleep in your eyes, sleep in your eyes
lays in the waiting, steal every moment, hold every breath

chorus: gentle heart beat as one, dream for the beuty of birth
you give me heaven and i’ll promise you the earth

i’ll die for you, if the time ever came, i’ll k!ll for you
and shoulder the blame, i’d cry for you and never feel shame
for the child is within you, for the child is within

precious, i want the earth for you
precious, i hold out my hands to touch the sky
and only the pure go to heaven, suffer the child into you
forever more, heaven on earth

chorus: bless me my godess of love, for all your blessing is worth
you give me heaven and i promise you the earth
i pray for the second coming, worship you for the first
you give me heaven and i give you the earth
you give me heaven and i give you the earth

(one of the best songs ever
typed in by niclas johansson)