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kittydog – chasing the stars, living the dream lyrics


i’m a pappercat
staying in the space i’ve always loved
i’m an angel cat
living in a world singin’ up above
i’m a dog-cat
trying to break free from this routine
i’m a kitten
on the timeline
living the dream
the dream is the one that i came here to give
the one in my mind for all the years i’ve lived
chasing it restlessly
it’s just a test, you see
making my life have so much more purpose
you’re a star dog
catching all the stars in your paws
you’re a tired dog
waiting for a time for you to snozz
you’re a kittydog
balancing the world of who you are
you’re a puppy in an endless void
chasing the stars
the stars are the ones who fly you up with birds
the ones who distract you from your distant words
chasing them endlessly
shaping your own journey
reaching to form any of life’s standards
chasing the stars
chasing the dream
we’re not there yet but we know we can see
living the dream
living the stars
’cause in reality…
that’s who we are