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kj – 52 – do the bill cosby lyrics


do the bill cosby
(feat. george moss)

i got a new dance and its called the bill cosby
first ya gotta stand like ya legs is kind of wobbly
gone take ya hands and make em kind of kn-bby
if you don’t understand then gone just follow me
see now the plan is to move em kind of choppy
see if you can shake em out kind of like they soggy
stagger all around like you feeling kind of groggy
then drop it to the ground pick it up now its on see..

i’m a take it to the floor and i’m a do the bill cosby
do the bill cosby do the bill cosby
and i’m a move a little more and i’m a do the bill cosby
do the bill cosby do do do
gone take it to the floor

see me balling out crawling out my black taurus
safe from h-ll saved by the bell zack morris
feeling well but you can tell by my wack chorus
its just my dumb dance song you can dance for us
got some plans for us so get ya hands toward us
move em fast like they yelling at ya run forrest
or move em slow like you running like a fast tortise
or move and go kinda crazy getting laughs for this
you can straight chill pose and just act gorgeous
or stand still kind of froze like some rigor mortis
or rock and go like ya grandmas on the back porches
no matter how you roll now heres the facts for us
now check the plan shortys don’t you fast forward this
jesus paid ya sin debt cuz you cant afford this
but you can get left when he coming back for us
now heres ya two step gone dance for us

[george moss:]
we just getting started shorty you don’t wanna leave yet
got a little something that i know you haven’t seen yet
wanna see ya arms out halfway t-rex
put a litte boogie in ya step like a kleenex
take it to the front or you can take it to the back
if you got no room to take it then just take it where you at
if you shy than i encourage you to take it a crack
but after we get through you might just need to take a nap
cause we gone rock it like it’s rushmore got it if you want more
shout out to my haters don’t know why yall even come for
peanut b-tter cup dance can’t do it the wrong way
make it real easy for you do just what the song say