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kj – 52 – shake em up lyrics


shake em up

say what you wanna say its plain i ain’t never worried
i got my hands up and down like it’s 1230
and they can go ahead and clown that could never hurt me
ain’t nothing but sound i’m rolling out just on my journey
and i ain’t never hurried cuz see i’m on my way
i’m swimming upstream going out against the grain
and that’s what happens when you going in a different lane
you never mixing well like listerine and gatorade
so let them haters hate man they just some people
i got a p-ssion now for christ like its jim caveziel
i got a p-ssion now for life and now there’s none equal
hes coming back that’s the fact that’s the one sequel

shake em up shake em up now shake em up
shake em up shake em up
shake em up shake em up now shake em up
shake em up wake em up

might seem just kind of strange might seem just kind of plain
so when u see me all you see white ts and wallet chains
but when i’m speaking oh you think this kid is kind of lame
but let my life just speak out scream out and call the name
might seen a lotta pain might seen a lot shame
but its just jesus he’s the reason that i gotta claim
he’s what you needing for your life to see a lot change
and like the phoenix you can rise speeding out this flame
here’s why he came cuz you need this doctor
see man is sick w/ sin and he can treat it proper
the problem is though we don’t ever even seek the father
you got the point yadda yadda now we gonna